AGM 17 August 2020

Information for Members

The U3A BoI Annual General Meeting is open to Members only.
10.00am, Monday 17 August 2020
Kerikeri Sports Complex, corner of Waipapa Road and Heritage Bypass

Changes to the Constitution recommended by the 2019-20 committee
Members feedback and Committee replies
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2018 U3A BoI Constitution
2018-19 AGM Minutes

Recommended Changes to the Constitution

Over its 21 year life the U3A BoI Constitution has been amended many times and in the process inconsistencies have arisen. The proposed changes by the current committee are not radical alterations but rather recommendations for clarity and coherence. The exception is Section 7 where the committee recommends a much simplified alternative to ensure that only those committee members elected by the membership at an AGM or subsequent members’ meeting shall have voting rights at committee meetings.

Feedback from members is welcome! Any feedback received will be added to the website and also available at the AGM in printed form so that members can take this into account when voting. However, please note that there is a difference between feedback and actually changing the proposals being put forward by the current committee. The former can be received up until several days before the AGM. The latter is constrained by the notice to members requirement in the Constitution.

As Thursday 23 July is the last possible date for mailing proposals to change the Constitution to members, any other proposed changes, or suggested modifications to those already notified, need to be received no later than Thursday morning (and that is tight for NZ Post!). No unnotified changes can be allowed at the AGM as this would be a breach of the notice requirements set out in the U3A BoI Constitution. Thus there will be no discussion at the AGM, just a straightforward vote.

Use the form below or email Please also use this form to suggest items for the Agenda. Last day for agenda items and feedback is 12 August 2020.