Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation is a very wide subject covering aspects of art from world famous paintings to lesser known architectural wonders.  The group follows the series of lectures on the History of European Art given by Professor William Kloss an independent art historian with the Smithsonian Institution.

Art History

You need no prior knowledge of art history to enjoy these stimulating groups. The first group started some years ago with Kenneth Clark’s series “Civilisation” and continued with the BBC’s brilliant new “Civilisation”. The research and fascinating extra material introduced by the facilitator, Iris, and activities she devises enrich the group’s understanding of art. Members are encouraged to research topics and to talk about art exhibitions they have seen. The second group also started with “Civilisation” alternating with episodes from “The Private Life of a Masterpiece”,  which looks in detail at works of art.

Art – Sketching, Drawing and Painting

This is not a formal class. It is a friendly, supportive group for all abilities and levels of experience. All you need, apart from your own materials, is enthusiasm and willingness to learn or to share what you already know. There is help to get started sketching, drawing or painting in any media or style and expert guidance as you progress.