Local History

Below is the promised start to this page by me (Christine). I look forward to receiving contributions from other members of the group — and if I don’t get any volunteers, I’ll start chasing some of group members up!

Goodness knows how long this lockdown will last but I think life may be a little strange for some while yet. However, once we can get out and about again the first visit we are planning is to Russell, always a great place to visit. Put it in your diary for 21 July. If 21 July looks unlikely we’ll pencil it in for 18 August.

I’ll add a comments section once I’ve worked out how to limit contributions to only our groups’ email addresses. Instructions about how to do this are welcome from anyone who knows more than I do at this moment!

Thanks to Judy Klaus for the photo of Local History Group’s Te Haumi visit.

Where were these photos taken? Somewhere in Northland, but probably a little too far for a Local History Group outing – although we could make a long day trip if anyone was keen. Click either photo for further information.